Microsoft Bing: Launching A Chat box To Search!

It might get a bit complicated when searching for something, and you do not get the relevant answers. Microsoft Bing has come up with this new feature that is still under process, but soon it will be launched to get the most relevant information of what you are looking for.

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New Chat Box By Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing Chatbox option has been expected to appear just beside the search engine. It would not be visible now as it is not available for all, but soon it would be.

This chat option in Microsoft Bing works as if you have a query that is not solved through searching and you are not getting the relevant information. You can question precisely what you are looking for through the chat box option.

For testing purposes, a question was asked through the chatbox, which says “ best laptops under $1000, to which it replies through a robot that lenovop should be the best option”. It also provides a reason to select Lenovo, saying, “it can run all versions of windows,” which gives a great idea to the user.

Choosing can also be a bit biased as the robot knows the upcoming advancements in windows, and the laptop being shown can run in all the versions of windows.

Gradually a relation is being developed between the bot and the user as you started talking to it. With this, if you say a word, it provides reasons to get this or some disadvantages, or any reliable information unless you provide it the complete query.

As mentioned above, this feature is not launched yet, but the features are expected. If it launches with these aspects, it would be handy for all the users and add to things much more accessible.

How Life Will Become Easier Through Bing’s Chat Box Feature

It is noticed that usually, people cannot explain what they want and then get irrelevant results. These problems can be solved through the Microsoft bing chat box feature that allows you to ask in a voice exactly what you want, and the bot replies with reasons to choose it or not and much more relevant information.

Microsoft has come up with such features that pushed people to leave the previous search engines and move to Bing, which has many more advanced features.

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