YouTube To M4a Conversion

YouTube is a social media entertainment platform that is used by the vast audience to watch videos online. YouTube is popular among users because there is no such platform that offers earning options and best quality videos both at the same time. One of the features that have attracted the majority of the user is that you can adjust the screen resolution per your requirement, and anyone can upload a video on YouTube.

People across the world watch YouTube videos online but also wishes to watch them offline. A downloaded YouTube video can be played anywhere and can be shared with friends and family. However, there are some download options for YouTube video within the application, but it is not available for every video.

There are plenty of converters available in the market. First, you have to select the format and the best converter. Then, you can easily download a YouTube video. YouTube videos can be converted into several formats. M4a (MPEG 4) allows the video and audio to be converted in such formats accessible on your devices.

How To Convert YouTube Videos In M4a Format:

  • Open YouTube on your browser
  • Open these video convertors on the next tab https://ytbmp3.one/ https://mp3yt.live/
  • Search the video from YouTube.
  • Click on the video and copy its URL from the address bar.
  • Paste the URL on the convertor.
  • Select the format(M4a).
  • Click on Convert
  • As the conversion process is completed select Download.

It successfully converts and downloads your YouTube videos that you can watch and share anytime you want. Make sure that you select a trusted video convertor as there are many fake available on the internet which can install several viruses in your device, which is dangerous.


How To Install Omnisphere Patches?

Omnisphere Patches

Omnisphere patches are files that are used for a multitude of parameters,  modulation routings, and FX. A Patch is primarily used for sound in the Omni-sphere.

Omnisphere patches allow you to put and edit your audio in several ways. Omnisphere patches can also save your imported audio as files of sound sources to create your patches.

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How To Install Omnisphere

This process involves some basic steps, which are as follows;

  • Open Omnisphere.
  • Click on the Utility button, and click on ” Install.omnisphere.”
  • Search for your Omni-sphere for a particular patch you have purchased.
  • Open the file, and yet it is completely installed.

How To Install Patches

  • Browse ” Spectrasonics Steam.”
  • Copy the folder of the producer’s name with Omnisphere patches files.
  • After this extension, the Omnisphere patches would be installed.
  • You can also make your Omnisphere patches and edit your sound through Omni-sphere.

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How To Install Orespawn?

Orespawn works as a mod whose aim is to add new features to your game and create a new gaming experience. Orespawn does not mostly fall under major mod packs, but a single enhancement in a game’s features means a lot.

How To Install Orespawn

In Microsoft Windows

The installation of the Orespawn process includes a few steps, which are as follows;

  • Download the Orespawn patches from any of the websites, and keep them saved in a folder.
  • Open your start menu and search “%appdata%” A folder named roaming will appear in front of you.
  • A folder named “.minecraft” will be displayed at the top.
  • If you look at the mods folder, all you have to do is copy that folder and paste it to the mods folder.
  • Open the game and log in.
  • The Orespawn mod you have selected would appear now in your game. You have to select it to activate it.

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Install in iOS Mac

This installation process in iOS Mac requires a few steps, which are as follows;

  1. Install the Orespawn file on iOS Mac from whichever website you wish to download, and keep it zipped.
  2. Open a new folder tab.
  3. On the top of the search bar, click on “go” and type the library as the tab’s name.
  4. From the Finder bar, select “Application Support.”
  5. If a folder called Orespawn mod passes through your eye, drag the patch from there and move it to the mod folder. If there isn’t any mod folder, you may create one.,
  6. A mods tab will appear on the homepage. As you click on it, the Orespawn mod will appear inside it.
  7. Launch the game on your iOS Mac device and start. The Orespawn mod will be activated by itself on your iOS Mac device.




Best Alternatives to FMovies

If you are a movie lover and looking for the best alternatives sites to FMovies to watch movies and tv shows without paying a single amount of money, then you have landed on the correct page!

Sound Interesting?

Yes, in this article I am going to share the alternatives website which provides an unlimited number of movies and tv shows for free. In order to watch movie need to pay a single amount of money and not even to create an account on their websites. FMovies is blocked by ISP and government due to a tremendous number of popups and ads start opening. But don’t worry, you can use any ad blocker to get rid of these ads and access the website easily.

What is FMovies?

FMovies is one of the best online movie streaming websites which was launched in 2016 all over the world. This platform has thousands of movies and tv show which you can watch for without buying any paid subscriptions. This website does require you to create an account and you don’t even need to give any of your personal information.

Also, it has a fast server which helps users to watch the latest and older movies and tv show which getting any loading issues.

Best Alternatives to FMovies

Mr Piracy

Mr Piracy is one of the best online movie and tv shows streaming websites which has millions of users from all over the world. It has an unlimited number of movies from different categories like Action, Thrilling, Comedy, Romantic, Animation, Horror, Drama, Crime, Mystery, etc. You can watch any of these movies for without paying a single amount of money.

In order to watch these movies or tv show, you don’t even need to create an account on their website. Also, the video and audio quality of these movies are outstanding as compared to other movies websites.



M4ufree is another top-visited an online streaming website which contains thousands of older and latest movies from all different categories. In order to watch movies on this site, you don’t need to create an account and not even to buy any paid subscription. All movies are in high quality and using a fast streaming server which also helps the user to get a better experience.

Also, it does have any popup and ads which is the best feature of this site. You can use the search bar to watch any movies on the whole site within one click.



Spacemov is an online movie streaming website which offers you to watch movies and tv shows from any country like China, Europe, Korea, Japan, and the United States. Moreover, it has a huge collection of movies from different categories like Tamil, Hollywood, Bollywood, South Dubbed Movie, etc. The interface of this website is clean and every user can watch movies and TV shows easily on their website.

Also, they have 2 different streaming server which helps you to watch any movies in high quality without getting any lagging issues. Moreover, no credit card or personal information is required in order to watch any tv shows or movies.

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading this detailed article you have knowledge about the best alternatives to FMovies. All of these sites are free and does not offer any paid subscription to watch any movies and tv shows. Also, our team check all the website to make sure that you can watch any movies without getting any problem…

So, which website you are going to try first? Or if you have a suggestion regarding this article, then don’t forget to leave a comment below…