Intel Takes A Shot At Apple Mac Over Gaming

When there is a technology and its advancement, then such things happen. Companies tend to produce more advanced devices and then act like kids when it comes to competition.

Recently it was noticed that Intel was rejected by Apple for AMD processors, to which Intel was not happy. Sometimes, it is funny to watch such big companies take some aggressive actions to look better than their competitors. The latest example of this action is Intel and Apple, to which intel spurned Apple to provide chips for Mac.

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Intel’s Reaction

Intel provided chips to Apple from 2006 till the last year 2020, when Apple changed its strategy to which Intel was not happy. Apple introduced its Silicon chips at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Intel reacted inappropriately as the conference was based on a presentation that stated that “generation i5-H series notebook processors” provide the best gaming experience In one slide. In contrast, in the next slide, Apple said, “The best MAC laptops for gaming,” comparing it with “Generation i5 H-series notebook processors,” claiming it as the most powerful MAC laptops.

Apple silicon chips were a benchmark for MI Macbook Pro and Apple Macbook Pro, including an Intel Core i9-9980 HK processor. Here comes the competition as this aspect is not cleared. It is possible that the Apple silicon was performing better than Intel i9-9980 HK processors, or Intel doesn’t want to appreciate the new advancement of the Apple.

The rivalry does not stop here. Intel’s turn, which then provided the list of several games that are only supported by Intel processors and are not accessible to MacOS. The games were;

  • Call of modern duty warfare
  • Apex legends
  • Cyberpunk2077
  • Call of duty warzone
  • Grand theft auto V
  • Genish Impact
  • Dead of daylight
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • Rocket league
  • Monster Hunter World
  • Warframe
  • Valotrant

There are more games as well which are not supported by macOS, according to Intel’s list.

Making It Normal With Apple

Alan Dexter of PC gamer discussed this rivalry between Apple and Intel and said, “To be very honest, playing games on MAC is extremely rubbish. But, shockingly, Intel is still so angry. I have also asked Intel about making it normal, to which Intel replied,Apple has introduced its silicon chips publicly, which is too much of an insult for us, and now Apple is our competitor”.

Apple is now introducing the next-gen M2 Mac processor, which is expected to launch at the end of this year.

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How To Install Omnisphere Patches?

Omnisphere Patches

Omnisphere patches are files that are used for a multitude of parameters,  modulation routings, and FX. A Patch is primarily used for sound in the Omni-sphere.

Omnisphere patches allow you to put and edit your audio in several ways. Omnisphere patches can also save your imported audio as files of sound sources to create your patches.

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How To Install Omnisphere

This process involves some basic steps, which are as follows;

  • Open Omnisphere.
  • Click on the Utility button, and click on ” Install.omnisphere.”
  • Search for your Omni-sphere for a particular patch you have purchased.
  • Open the file, and yet it is completely installed.

How To Install Patches

  • Browse ” Spectrasonics Steam.”
  • Copy the folder of the producer’s name with Omnisphere patches files.
  • After this extension, the Omnisphere patches would be installed.
  • You can also make your Omnisphere patches and edit your sound through Omni-sphere.

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It was easier to control kids back in time when they didn’t own any smart device or have unlimited access to harmful content. But things have changed since, and so does raising children.

They feel attacked when kids know that folks keep a close eye on their digital usage and start to hide even more through spy apps. That’s because, let’s face it, teenagers are way better with technology than parents, and that gives them the edge.

That’s why spy apps that work secretly are getting popular among people and especially parents. Best android spy apps offer top-notch features that make monitoring easier.

You can get information about the phone calls to live location by enabling features. In the year 2021, everything is possible remotely, and so are tracking apps. But choosing a good spy app is essential for getting the best experience.

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TheWiSpy is the best android spy app globally, and it has unlimited advanced features that bring authentic and real-time results. It is popular because it is a dedicated app that offers an easy user interface with nothing less but excellence.

TheWiSpy is available at affordable prices and different period plans. It helps the user choose what they need, and that’s a sign of the best android spy app.

How to install TheWiSpy

You can get TheWiSpy on your target phone quickly, and you need to select a suitable plan from the website and install the application on the mobile phone. Like any other spy apps, you’re required to provide personal details and necessary information for creating an account. Once you’re logged in, you can start spying.

How TheWiSpy is the best choice

There are many options of spy apps available online, but none of them is reasonable compared to TheWiSpy, the best android spy app.

It has multiple products such as kids monitoring, employee monitoring, and remote spying. All this is accessible within one spy app and at reasonable prices. TheWiSpy has unlimited and advanced features designed explicitly for tracking online activities.


You can’t deny or control the advancement of technology; you have no choice but to learn about it so you can keep up with the world. Parents have good intentions, so they are getting help from android spyware to control their teens.

There are real dangers for children globally, and folks are responsible for providing a safe environment for them. But that is not possible because kids are secretive about their lives, and no matter how much you try, they won’t let you control their life.

That’s why I use spy apps that work secretly. TheWiSpy is an excellent android spy app that can help you provide the best and real-time results. It is time to keep kids away from internet threats and monitor employees remotely.

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Microsoft Bing: Launching A Chat box To Search!

It might get a bit complicated when searching for something, and you do not get the relevant answers. Microsoft Bing has come up with this new feature that is still under process, but soon it will be launched to get the most relevant information of what you are looking for.

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New Chat Box By Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing Chatbox option has been expected to appear just beside the search engine. It would not be visible now as it is not available for all, but soon it would be.

This chat option in Microsoft Bing works as if you have a query that is not solved through searching and you are not getting the relevant information. You can question precisely what you are looking for through the chat box option.

For testing purposes, a question was asked through the chatbox, which says “ best laptops under $1000, to which it replies through a robot that lenovop should be the best option”. It also provides a reason to select Lenovo, saying, “it can run all versions of windows,” which gives a great idea to the user.

Choosing can also be a bit biased as the robot knows the upcoming advancements in windows, and the laptop being shown can run in all the versions of windows.

Gradually a relation is being developed between the bot and the user as you started talking to it. With this, if you say a word, it provides reasons to get this or some disadvantages, or any reliable information unless you provide it the complete query.

As mentioned above, this feature is not launched yet, but the features are expected. If it launches with these aspects, it would be handy for all the users and add to things much more accessible.

How Life Will Become Easier Through Bing’s Chat Box Feature

It is noticed that usually, people cannot explain what they want and then get irrelevant results. These problems can be solved through the Microsoft bing chat box feature that allows you to ask in a voice exactly what you want, and the bot replies with reasons to choose it or not and much more relevant information.

Microsoft has come up with such features that pushed people to leave the previous search engines and move to Bing, which has many more advanced features.

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How To Install Orespawn?

Orespawn works as a mod whose aim is to add new features to your game and create a new gaming experience. Orespawn does not mostly fall under major mod packs, but a single enhancement in a game’s features means a lot.

How To Install Orespawn

In Microsoft Windows

The installation of the Orespawn process includes a few steps, which are as follows;

  • Download the Orespawn patches from any of the websites, and keep them saved in a folder.
  • Open your start menu and search “%appdata%” A folder named roaming will appear in front of you.
  • A folder named “.minecraft” will be displayed at the top.
  • If you look at the mods folder, all you have to do is copy that folder and paste it to the mods folder.
  • Open the game and log in.
  • The Orespawn mod you have selected would appear now in your game. You have to select it to activate it.

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Install in iOS Mac

This installation process in iOS Mac requires a few steps, which are as follows;

  1. Install the Orespawn file on iOS Mac from whichever website you wish to download, and keep it zipped.
  2. Open a new folder tab.
  3. On the top of the search bar, click on “go” and type the library as the tab’s name.
  4. From the Finder bar, select “Application Support.”
  5. If a folder called Orespawn mod passes through your eye, drag the patch from there and move it to the mod folder. If there isn’t any mod folder, you may create one.,
  6. A mods tab will appear on the homepage. As you click on it, the Orespawn mod will appear inside it.
  7. Launch the game on your iOS Mac device and start. The Orespawn mod will be activated by itself on your iOS Mac device.